15 Gifts for planners

Do you know anyone who enjoys making plans for every aspect of their life, from daily schedules to long-term objectives? You’re in luck if so! We have compiled a list of 15 thoughtful Gifts for planners that any planner will enjoy. These presents are intended to support their planning efforts by keeping them motivated, organized, and fashionable. These presents will undoubtedly make them grin, whether it’s for a birthday, a special occasion, or just a kind surprise. Let’s reveal top and researched Gifts for planners.

1. High-quality planners as Gifts for planners

A top-notch planner is, of course, the cornerstone of every planner’s toolkit. Select a layout that matches their preferences and requirements, such as daily, weekly, or monthly. The book must have features like premium paper, firm binding, and lots of areas for writing.

High-Quality Planner as Gifts for planners

2. Bright Pens and Markers

Colorful pens and markers can make any planner’s pages come to life. Consider giving them a set of premium, non-smudging pens in various colors to make their planning sessions more pleasurable.

3. Stickers aren’t just for kids, say planner stickers!

Planner stickers are a creative and helpful way to mark important dates, add reminders, and embellish the pages. To suit their interests, look for sticker kits with various themes.

4. Desk Organiser

Effective planning requires a clutter-free workspace. Give them a chic desk organizer to easily access pencils, markers, sticky notes, and other planning necessities.

5. Personalized phone cover as Gifts for Planners

Give their planner a personal touch with a personalized cover that includes their name, an uplifting remark, or a unique design that speaks to them.

Personalized phone cover as Gifts for Planners

6. Inspirational wall art

Surrounding oneself with inspiring sayings and gorgeous artwork can motivate one to plan. Give them a framed motivational print to display in their office.

7. Notebooks and Journals

In addition to their planner, planners frequently value having extra notebooks or journals to record ideas, brainstorms, or project plans. Choose elegant, high-quality designs that are representative of them as people.

8. Books as Gifts for Planners

Books about time management will enable individuals to improve their capacity for planning. Browse through classics like “Getting Things Done” by David Allen or “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey.

Books as Gifts for Planners

9. Bullet Journal Starter Kit

To get your planner started on their creative planning adventure, create a bullet journal starter kit including a dotted notebook, washi tapes, stencils, and calligraphy pens.

10. A time-blocking timer

A time-blocking timer might assist them in maintaining discipline and focus while they are planning. These timers promote brief periods of work followed by brief pauses, improving planning effectiveness and enjoyment.

11. A portable file organizer

A portable file organizer is a great present for planners who like to take their important papers with them wherever they go. It prevents missing crucial documents, receipts, and notes by keeping them all in one location.

12. A trendy tote bag as Gifts for Planners

A trendy tote bag made expressly to hold planners and other tools is a useful and stylish gift. Choose a bag that is roomy, sturdy, and has lots of pockets.

A trendy tote bag as Gifts for Planners

13. Subscription to a productivity

Consider giving your planner a subscription to productivity software that suits their needs, such as task management, note-taking, or habit-tracking apps, if they prefer digital planning.

14. Whiteboard Calendar

For their workspace, a sizable whiteboard calendar might give them a more comprehensive view of the coming month. They can use it to set monthly goals, schedule events, and mark deadlines.

15. Gifts for Relaxation as Gifts for Planners

Give your planner something to relax with after a busy planning session, like scented candles, bath salts, or a soft blanket for some well-deserved self-care.

Gifts for Relaxation as Gifts for Planners


By giving any of these 15 considerate presents for planners, you’ll not only demonstrate how much you value their love of organization but also give them the tools they need to accomplish their objectives in style. These presents will make their planning journey more pleasurable and fruitful, from useful planning tools to motivational decorations. Cheers to giving!

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