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What is a gift? Why is it a gift? A gift is something that we give, we offer, we present or we send to someone on some occasions or some events. Here are Factors to count in gifts selection. Gift may be costly, rare, fantastic, precious or it may be just an ordinary/common thing. The gift we give is to convey our feelings, our sessions, or to show our love and to improve or establish our relations. Gifts have an old and long enough history. Its history reaches the roots of human history.
Gifting is a  good trend, it is the norm and part of the culture. Human history was never empty of gifting. People give and receive gifts in all situations. In hard times of history whenever they were not able to buy or arrange gifts they count Factors to count in gifts selection and they celebrated this trend in a way that their prays and wishes became great gifts.
Gifts’ history and ever-lasting trend of gift-giving show that it is a must part of human nature and is now part of human life. It may be quite interesting to research while the animal, birds, and other species celebrate this trend of gifting. It is important to know what are the major events/occasions or times for gifting. A great human characteristic creates its expression in this or that way.
There are countless occasions to give, expect and receive gifts. It may be said that gift giving and receiving is not limited to any region, reign, area, or bound to any cast or creed but it is a universally accelerated trend that is on increase in the present times.

20 Big Occasions of Gifts

Here is a short description of major events or important occasions that are commonly gifted:
1 Birthday Gifts
2 Marriage Gifts
3 Anniversary Gifts
4 Gifts for Success
5 Gifts for Getting a Job
6 Gifts for newborn babies
7 Gifts on becoming healthy.
8 Business Gifts
9 Gifts on celebrations
10 Gifts on Cultural Occasions.
11 Gifts for new couples
12 Gifts on the occasion of transfers
13 Gifts on getting promoted
14 Participation Gift
15 Love Gifts
16 Gifts for Friends
17 Gifts for new neighbors
18 Gifts for new fellows
19 Gifts on departure

20 Honorary Gifts

Important points| Factors to count in gifts selection

People give gifts of their choice and in selecting gifts they keep in mind to whom they are gifting, and what is the occasion or celebration. In different parts of the world, there are various trends and traditions of gifting that are limited to those regions, but commonly people think in general. The selection of gifts depends on these important points:

Budget Factors to count in gifts selection

Budget must be the first base to think about. Budget is always and everywhere the major and essential factor in selecting or buying a gift for every person. It is illogical to consider a gift for someone without considering the budget. 

Need Factors to count in gifts selection

The need is the mother of invention. The need is the prime motive in general. Rational people always try to help others in every possible way, even by gifting others. Need depends on the economic conditions of the receiver |giver. Need must be the leading motive especially for those who live a life of needs but not for people who are well–off.

Choice Factors to count in gifts selection

Choice and selection made this world beautiful, contrasting, and full of verities. Giving gifts, people try to consider the choice of their recipients. It is recommended that good gifts are always according to the liking of the recipient.

Profession Factors to count in gifts selection 

Availability Factors to count in gifts selection

Availability is another big factor. Sometimes people want to give a lot but availability creates problems for them. Now online gifting solved this problem but it is not so easy for all. It involves economic issues.

Delivery Factors to count in gifts selection

Delivering gifts to the recipient is a big factor that plays a vital role in the selection of gifts. It is hard to deliver gifts to loved ones living from the givers. We must consider suitable delivery service and its reliability and quality of service.

Packaging Factors to count in gifts selection

Packaging creates a big difference. The packaging must be good. Packaging must be safe and secure. It is a must to consider packaging costs while selecting| and buying a gift.

12 more vital Factors to count in gifts selection

1. Personal relation

Personal relation is the major factor that we consider while gifting others. it is a basic motive and a decisive factor. Relationships play a vital role in the selection of gifts.

2. Professional relation

Professional relation is the big base that moves us in some direction. Professional relations set our standards of life. Life’s standards are important and unavoidable cause to keep in mind in gifting. We should consider it when we are selecting gifts. 

3. What is the occasion?

Gifts are there to celebrate life events. Occasion| Event must be considered in the process of buying a gift. The gift must match the occasion and its demands|relevency.

4. Who is the receiver?

The receiver’s background, status, and standards are too important. It is necessary to consider the receiver’s identity when we are selecting gifts. 

5. What is the relation?

Why you are gifting and to whom you gift, is the very important and decisive factor. No one can deny it.

6. What are the trends in gifting in this area?

Gifts must be trendy and relevant to the relation, profession, region, religion, costumes, traditions, and culture of the society.

7. The international trends of Gifts

The modern world is like a global village, and no one can live or bloom in isolation. it is a good suggestion to count international trends while selecting|buying or choosing a gift.

8. The availability of Gifts

All men and women are limited. We are bound to live in our limitations. It is good to maintain our area’s limits. The availability of gifts is also an element of serious consideration.

9. How much do they have to spend?

Price hike was a major factor in the past but now it is an inevitable factor of life. Resources are limited but desires are unlimited. It is a must to match the budget and live economically. It is important to consider that when selecting gifts. 

10. What other can afford

Somers are giving? sometimes we give something as a gift because we afford it but our action creates a lot of problems for others who can’t do that. It is a must to live life according to our resources. No need to bother with what others will say. we just need to keep in mind what others can do easily.

11. How to send delivery?

Delivery of gifts we must consider before buying a gift for someone. Delivery services are the most important factor in certain conditions. Keep it in consideration before selecting a gift for someone.

12. Availability of packaging or packing

Availability of gifts is a good factor in buying a gift for someone. If someone is going to give a good gift about that big thing is not available in the concerned area it may be difficult to buy that gift.

Popular Gifts of the Day

People have the largest and the widest area of choice\selecetion. Nowadays it is hard to select what to give and to whom what may be the best but there are some commonly popular trends which are celebrated all over the world. Popular trends of the world in general are common elsewhere. There is a short list of the most common gifts:
  •  Artificial flowers
  • Fresh flowers
  • Gift cards
  •  Shirts
  •  Pens
  •  Watches
  • Books
  • Bangles
  • Dresses
  • Glasses
  •  Wallets
  •  Key
  • chai
  •  Chains
  •  Rings
  •  Mobiles
  •  Tabs
  • Decoration
  • pieces
  •  Caps
  •  Shoes
  •  Bracelets
  • Earrings
  •  Pants
  •  Prayer cloths
  •  Perfumes
  •  Drinks
  •  Tasbeehs
  • Chocolates
  •  Fruits
  • Sweets
  •  Cakes
  •  Hair rings
  •  Cups
  •  Tea sets 
  •  Photo frame
  •  Travel Journal
  •  Language learning courses
  •  Cameras
  •  Games
  •  Puzzles
  •  Fitness tracker


Gifting is the charm and beauty of life. It evokes good desires and sweet feelings. It bridges the gapes and paves the way to reach the destination of ideal relationships. There are some important factors involved in buying gifts. Some important gifts are popular all over the world. here everything about gifting is discussed briefly. 

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