24 Fascinating Gifts for rowers

You’re lucky if you know a friend or family member who loves to row! Finding the ideal Gifts for rowers is a wonderful chance to promote their favorite sport and encourage them to succeed. We’ve selected 24 contemporary Gifts for rowers in this blog post that will not only make them happy but also improve their rowing experience.

These considerate gifts, which range from useful equipment to inspirational items, are sure to win their hearts. Click here and find adorable gift ideas for swimmers, so let’s get started with our list of Gifts for rowers that will really up their game!

1. Bluetooth headphone wireless devices

Using top-notch, wireless headphones will help your rower stay focused and motivated during lengthy training sessions. Bluetooth headphone wireless devices are a great idea as Gifts for rowers.

2. Waterproof phone pouches

For rowers who enjoy bringing their phones on the boat, a waterproof phone pouch is a must-have gear that will keep the devices secure and dry. Phone pouches are a great idea to gift to rowers.

Waterproof phone pouches as Gifts for rowers

3. Rowing Gloves

Specialized rowing gloves can shield their hands from injury and improve their grip on the oars. Rowing gloves are nice and memorable idea as Gifts for rowers.

Rowing gloves as Gifts for rowers

4. Fitness Tracker

They can track their workouts, check their heart rate, and establish new objectives with a smartwatch or fitness band. The fitness tracker is a lovely gift to give to rowers.

5. Fashionable bags

Gift them a fashionable bag with their name or initials to carry their rowing necessities in style. Bags are useful ideas as Gifts for rowers.

Bag for rowers as Gifts for rowers

6. Rowing Machine

If they can’t always get on the water, they can stay in shape at home with a top-notch rowing machine. It is an essential and Gifts for rowers.

7. Hydration bag, Gifts for rowers

Use a hydration bag made for athletes to keep them hydrated throughout strenuous rowing sessions. These bags will help a lot to the rowers.

8. Anti-Fog Sunglasses

Wearing high-quality anti-fog sunglasses when rowing on sunny days will safeguard their eyes. Sunglasses will protect the eyes of the rowers when they will do their work in the sunny day.

9. Rowboat earrings

Consider wearing classy jewelry with a rowing theme, like oar-shaped pendants or rowboat earrings. These are also wonderful gifts for the women who loves rowing.

10. Rowing magazine

Rowing magazines are useful ideas. They will give the rowers so much information. Keep them informed on the most recent news, advice, and practices in rowing by subscribing to a rowing magazine.

11. Foam Roller

Use a foam roller for self-massage after rowing to aid in speedier recovery and prevent sore muscles. Foam rollers are a great idea as Gifts for rowers.

12. Books about rowing

Books are great treasures of knowledge. So it’s worth giving the rowers a book related to the rowing. Give them something to read that will fuel their passion for the sport.

13. Rowing Seat Pad

A padded seat cushion will improve their comfort during rowing workouts. Rowing a seat pad is a lovely, useful, and wonderful idea as Gifts for rowers.

14. Waterproof Watch

A robust, water-resistant watch will make sure they don’t miss a beat when practicing rowing. A waterproof watch is useful and informative idea as Gifts for rowers.

Waterproof Watch

15. Stylish rowing t-shirts

Stylish rowing t-shirts, hoodies, or tank tops can be a pleasant surprise for them to wear during workouts. T-shirts are usually used in our life. So they will be a source of motivation for the rowers when it is themed.

16. Snack Cooler as Gifts for rowers

During regattas, a compact, insulated cooler will keep their preferred snacks fresh and accessible. Snack coolers are wonderful gifts for the one who loves rowing.

17. Video course on rowing technique

Give them access to a video course on rowing techniques so they can sharpen their skills. Vedio course about the rowing lesson is a useful Gifts for rowers. They will learn a lot from this.

18. Wall art with a rowing theme

Adorn their room with inspirational posters or art prints. The wall decorated with the person’s choice and interest is a lovely gift. So, wall art is a lovely idea as Gifts for rowers.

Wall art with rowing theme as Gifts for rowers

19. Massage Gun

Use a top-notch massage gun to help them relieve tightness and stress in their muscles. Message gun is other idea to motivate the rowers.

20. Spill-proof water container

A durable, spill-proof water container with graphics inspired by rowing will keep kids hydrated on and off the water. A spill-proof water container is wonderful to give to the rowers.

21. Compression leg sleeves

Compression leg sleeves can improve blood circulation and lessen muscle weariness. Compression leg sleeves are essential and demanded for the one who is found of rowing.

22. Rowing GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker designed specifically for rowing will give athletes insightful information on their performance and advancement. Rowing GPS trackers are useful for rowers to use.

23. Phone case with artwork

Give them a phone case with inspirational words or artwork in the form of a rowing motif. The phone case, which is decorated with the theme of their interest, motivates the rowers.

24. Rowing club

Consider giving them a membership or entrance fee to a rowing club or event to help them build their growing network. It is essential for rowers to join the rowing club. They will learn a lot from this.

Rowing club


A rower’s training and overall pleasure in the sport can be greatly improved by selecting the ideal present for them. From necessary equipment to thoughtful extras, these 24 contemporary gift suggestions for rowers offer a variety of alternatives. Your unique gift will be valued and enjoyed by them, whether they are seasoned rowers or novices. Happy helping them on their rowing journey and giving gifts! If you are interested in finding gifts for aquarium lovers then do click here. If you want to read gifts for pool owners, then do click here. 

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